Buienradar scrubber

Improved buienradar precipation report. Scroll, swipe or use arrow keys (←, →) to go forwards or backwards in time.

Buienradar neerslag report

About this project

Being on my bike practically every day, the weather plays a big role in how to prepare for the rest of the day. A big help has been the weather apps that can tell whether it's going to rain so accurately I'm able to literally cycle between the rain drops. Unfortunately, most all these online weather apps (exluding android/apple/win/* apps) have one thing in common: lack of a decent user experience.

Take the buienradar website for instance, amazing content, horrible user interface. If you want to fast forward the precipation 10 minutes, you have to click a link which not only is layed out pretty awkwardly, in columns, it is also practically unusable. Here's why.

Because navigating to the menu distracts you from observing what you're really interested in, the weather, and sometimes the loading of a new images takes a while, you lose your frame of reference. So unless you are Rainman, it's impossible to remember in detail what the previous frame looked like.

Red frame highlights the user unfriendly navigation to forward to a certain frame.

This was something that frustrated me tremendously, but luckily also something that could easily be implemented using the existing buienradar application programming interface (API). This API allows you to query the buienradar database which will return only the requested data without the interface wrapped around it. That way you can use this data however you see fit.

The existing public buienradar API is decent, but very limited and didn't provide the necessary data I needed. Using some modest reverse engineering, basically figuring out how the API worked by trial and error, I got a grasp of how the non-documented buienradar API worked and decided to write a JS-script that allows the precipation image be stepped forward or backward by scrolling, swiping or using the arrow keys.

Moral of the story: APIs are amazing and should be the backbone of any application. By providing an (albeit obscure) API I was able to use the amazingly accurate buienradar content in the interface of my liking without having to bother anyone. APIs are a win-win for everyone!

Buienradar scrubber is also available for The Netherlands: http://buienradar-scrubber.pascalculator.be/nl/

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